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SOS for Princess of Acadia

In Photography, Print on June 24, 2009 at 11:58 pm
Life preserver on board Princess of Acadia.

Life preserver on board Princess of Acadia.

(Originally published in the Telegraph-Journal)

The first thing chief engineer Roger Lightfoot will tell you is, that for a salt water ship commissioned in 1971, she is in an exceptionally good condition. Even a cursory glance at the interior of the Princess of Acadia will unmistakably reveal the age she was built in. Boxy lines and oddly coloured furniture in rather dark tones throughout the ship somehow scream 70s. The bridge sports an old fashioned telegraph that was once used to communicate with the engine room, and the old radar equipment is still operational. None of it is in use today. Radio connection replaced the telegraph and ultra-modern radar systems using as many as nine Global Positioning System satellites are in place to guide a ship safely on its route between Saint John, New Brunswick, and Digby, Nova Scotia. Read the rest of this entry »